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Why our services?

Ever read the active constituents of a can of fly spray lately? It's like spraying acid into the air and you only need less than 1% of the chemical to do the job, the other 99% floats around the room for the family to breathe in. Fly squatters are just messy, and by the time you had a chance to hit the thing, you've stepped on the dog's tail, knocked over the kids, and almost walked through a glass window and then having to clean up the splat stain on the wall after the deed.
Flies will wait outside all day long if they sense food inside the home, but soon as the door opens, in it comes and the chase is on before it lands and craps on your delicious cake. That's when the outside surface application comes in very handy, flies will land on the affected area and die without you knowing it, but you will notice the difference.

ceiling spray

Applying a solution inside the home especially the kitchen, will make a big improvement when cooking meals.

Having peace of mind is all part of the service we provide, the last thing you need is chasing a blow fly around the room with a can of fly spray whilst cooking the Sunday roast, only to have it fall in front of you on the table and release its larvae as your having the first mouthful of lamb. Yes, it happened to me.

spraying around rubbish bin

Applying the solution around bins and compost areas greatly decreases fly activity.

Flies are not the only insect that spreads disease, Cockroaches, the mere name of them gives most people nightmares, and actually spilling one out of a packet of cornflakes into the kid's cereal bowl or waking up only to find a 5 ouncer sitting on your pillow staring at your face will certainly do just that.

Surface applications outside and within the home will do the job nicely, but vigilance is the key word here, for these creatures have been around for a long time and have known to be resilient against some toxins.

under house treatment

Using a dust compound under houses or safe areas outside the premises will contaminate anything that crawls preventing them entering the home.

The chemical used by our technicians are the best available to guarantee the best results, however, certain conditions will reduce the overall effectiveness of the application such as the weather, sun exposure and rain will eventually weaken the product, that's why applications under sheltered areas will last much longer. Australian law limits the use of Pesticides or Herbicides and its effects on the environment, therefore it will break down as part of the chemical structure to prevent long term accumulation in the soils and waterways.

under eaves treatment

Spraying under eaves is a good way to keep flies from using this area for shade on hot days, and also keeps spiders away.

Although summer brings out the most common pests such as flies, ants and mosquitos, other insects such as millipedes, spiders and silverfish still find cozy areas within the premises to keep out from the winter cold requiring constant monitoring and application services.

outside perimeter treatment

To provide protection from predators, crawling insects like to use the edges of buildings to move around, but after a layer of solution is applied the insect doesn't get very far.

Non-destructive testing

There are many methods in which to detect whether a property is infested for white ants, some are very destructive, drilling large holes and cutting out panels to find them and even worse, burning and knocking down to rid them. Isolating this type of pest isn't easy, as there are several ways in which white ants can access the timber inside a home, one is through a network of underground tunnels and the other to fly under the eaves or tiles on the roof to access the trusses.
Many home owners leave it too late and wait until they physically see the damage already done before acting upon a resolution.
Prevention has always been better than the cure and new developments through ingenuity have greater prevention rates than previous years.

wall inspection

The use of a stud finder helps to locate the timber behind the wall panel.

wall inspection

A stethoscope can pick up any noise activity a termite makes as they chomp though the wood.

wall inspection

Sometime its possible to place an endoscope through into the wall cavity to see any activity or with permission a small 10mm repairable hole could be drilled.

wall inspection

This wall panel looks OK from the outside.

thermal image

After some detection work from a Thermal image camera, the yellow line indicates anomaly in temperature that turned out to be a termite track.

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